Saturday, February 12, 2011



I was so naive,

I was a lonely and dull girl,

I always think that my life is boring,


When I saw u

I felt so happy

I have finally found somebody

I thought my life is going to change

I showed u with love

But u showed me hate

I just don’t have a clue,

Why are u feeling that way?


I don’t care about the answer,

I just want to thank u

For letting me taste the sweetness and bitterness of love,

Even though u were never there to share this perfect feeling with me,


Even you learn that playing me is a mistake,

I will never accept you,

My heart is too hurt

And never will mend

I know how a real man will react to this situation

And you are not 1 of them,

But you will always remain to be,

with love,
♥ lisa ♥

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